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OliveoilOlive fruit and its oil, the “liquid gold” as called by Homer, is a shining treasure that comes from ancient times until our days. The olives, black and green pearls and the olive oil, the golden-green natural juice, are the most valuable elements of the Mediterranean diet. Exactly such a diet is the “PDO KALAMATA” (product of protected origin) that comes to support. With its bright green color, smooth fruity taste and unique flavor not only makes our daily life tastier but also offers us more strength and stamina. Its slightly bitter taste is a characteristic of the best olive oils and indicates the richness in antioxidants, which are particularly useful for our health. In addition, it is rich in polyphenols and possesses excellent organoleptic characteristics, while its acidity is between 0.3 – 0.5%.


patate_campo_web--400x300The potato (Solanum tuberosum) is one of the members of the Solanaceae family that are particularly important for the agricultural sector. Potato varieties are normally distinguished by the color of the outer skin (yellow, brown, red, pink, purple) as well as from the color of the flesh (sometimes white or slightly yellow). Different varieties are grown in every area, based on the local terrain and climate conditions. Potatoes can be consumed by humans directly or after further processing (pre-fried, chips, smashed etc.).
Potato’s dietary value is mainly the provision of significant quantities of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamin C and iron. Carbohydrates are almost the 75% of the dry weight and the average content of proteins is 1.6 -2.14 gr/100 gr.
Messinia region is one of the areas that potato cultivation was introduced in 1828. According to the existing records, there were 0.75 acres of potato cultivation in 1917. Last year, the area was 6.5 acres, planted with “spring” potato. Local people have grown a sentimental relation with the product and for many years organize festivities and events to celebrate the existence of the product and promote its uses in relation to local culture.