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Olive & Olive Oil Panhellenic Festival

The Agricultural Cooperative of Kalamata


Medical Information

Olive oil is an excellent additive for use in fresh salads, cooking and frying. According to evidence provided by Prof. Nicholas Andrikopoulos – Harokopio University of Athens – during the international Conference on “Olive oil and Health” organized in Kalamata in 2002, under the auspices of the International Olive oil Committee, the olive juice, in contrary to the other oils, contains antioxidants that allow the multiuse of olive oil in frying. “Oil when cooked is broken down into harmful substances, called TPM (total polar materials). After 10 consecutive uses for frying, the olive oil contains much less quantity of TPMs compared to other oils, and most importantly, without exceeding the upper allowed limits for these substances. Prof. Andrikopoulos also stressed out the point that eating raw olives may also help reduce the negative effects of TPMs on our organization.

Cosmetic Information

The extra virgin olive oil is indeed a great product for personal care. It is suggested because it is a natural product, without additives and rich in vitamins A and E, that work against free radicals and protect from sunburns and pollution. With a few drops …. HAIR : spread some drops of olive oil in wet hair and wrap with a towel. After 20 minutes your hair is soft and shiny. FACE : dry and tired skin is rejuvenated with a soft massage with a few drops of olive oil. Demake up : a few drops of olive oil on a cotton pad can remove make up, offering at the same time care in this sensitive face area. Lips : Olive oil can easily replace all lip care products and heal dry, cracked lips. Nails : By dipping the finger ends into a bowl with warm olive oil and a few drops of lemon juice, nails become soft and healthy and hangnails are easily removed. Hands : apply some olive oil on hands before going to bed and wear thin cotton gloves. Hands become soft. Body : A few spoonfuls of oil when bathing are enough to hydrate and soften our skin. Also, soaps made from olive oil clean and moistens skin. Feet : to heal irritated and cracked feet, just rub feet with some olive oil on the affected areas, before going to bed.


The best way to preserve olive oil unaffected is in the freezer. The new packaging offered by the Kalamata Agricultural Cooperation, is perfectly safe and appropriate to keep olive oil fresh. If necessary, you may split the quantity in several smaller airtight containers / bottles and keep them closed, in a cool and dark place, until the consumption time. In no time should an air pump used, because air, heat and oxygen are the worst enemies of the olive oil.